Join Nicola Smith Jackson for the Success Mastermind in 2017!

Are you ready to learn mindset techniques and systems to live the lifestyle you want and BUILD BIG BUSINESS? If so, the Success Mastermind is what you need to do just that.

In this exciting 3-part exclusive program, Nicola will share with you how she has been able to build million dollar teams, move past her fears and develop techniques that have empowered her to be a million-dollar producer!


  • How to develop habits that will support your financial goals
  • Develop million-dollar next level business goals
  • Participate in Mastermind Group Coaching
  • Tools, Resources & More!

After the 1st session, I felt more empowered, because I learned some things about myself that I didn’t know before. I am excited to learn more about how to manage my relationships and business as a duo.

– Rochelle Hazel

Crying as I type…Because I didn’t realize how much I was seeking the approval of others in my life. This Success Mastermind will definitely change my way of thinking. This first session has caused me to go to the root of why I feel like I need the approval of others or why I don’t like being rejected. This is tough. It is my prayer that I will pace myself in business and in my personal life and realize that the approval of others don’t make me and it is okay to get things wrong, it is okay to go through the process. I am no longer under the pressures and expectations of others.

– Maryum Felix

I am so grateful to be part of this dynamic training! I did experience a breakthrough. We got off to a fast start, session 1 caused me to look at me and my baggage, which includes past failures, disappointments and hurts. Thank you Nicola for creating a safe, no judgement environment where I can be who I am and be transparent to get the help that I need!

– Audree Arrington

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