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Marionne Inspired to do Video Testimonial!

Power Start Your Day with Nicola Smith Jackson has changed my life. Before listening to this call I was very conflicted with having the desire to pursue great wealth and fear that I wasn’t good enough to succeed. I cannot say a favorite episode because I have needed every last one and I have received so much clarity, actual action steps, encouragement, understanding of the challenges I face with solutions and most of all Nicola is giving me a real-life example of a godly, transparent, servant leader creating great wealth for herself and others that I can model myself after. This was an answered prayer for godly mentorship and guidance.

– Forever Grateful, Lenise Whitfield

It’s hard to pin point which episode is my favorite . I am a new listener and every episode that I have been able to listen to has been my favorite to be honest. I didn’t realize how much fear I had in me and if I had let the fear take over, i wouldn’t have known half of the information I know now. I am currently wrapping up a 5 year custody battle that got intense these past 6 months with the passing of my daughter’s father. If I would have let the fear of not having enough money to get the right lawyer get in the way, half of the things that I now know I wouldn’t have known.So tomorrow I am going to go to court with my head held high and know that I did everything I could do and understand that it’s time to let go of this matter, cause I have something better waiting for me.

I am new to this network marketing world,If I were to let fear get in the way of what I am trying to do, I wouldn’t have know that there are other options out here. I can have the life I want, I can work from home and watch the child that I do have with me grow , I can attend school functions on time, I can have my kids in activities and have the opportunity to go and watch them participate. I can go on and on but for the sake of time I will cut it short. I decided that after I left the Pro leaders Bootcamp this past Saturday I wasn’t going to let fear interrupt my thoughts I will push through. I actually look forward to the 8 o clock hour I love the morning inspiration call.

– Forever Grateful, Lenise Whitfield

Nicola, I just want to say THANK YOU for your Leadership! Everyday I hang up the from from PSYD call, I feel CHARGED to Action! As a matter of fact, the call on Monday, Feb 27th changed my life! The words you spoke resonated deeply and I felt a freedom like never before! Because of that call and the principles you shared, I went on to become Sales Director in 3 weeks! Your Class, Grace & Wisdom are unmatched! You are a true Jewel to the Body of Christ and to FES & I’m so glad the Lord allowed our paths to cross.

– Nikki Davis

The entire series “No Is Not a Bad Word” really blessed me. Some things were uprooted in me. Because my father wasn’t very present in my life and due to other life events, I began to view the word “no” as rejection. Anytime I needed something from my father or even the desire to spend time with him there was always an excuse of why he couldn’t follow through. It happened so much that I began to believe that it was something wrong with me, and that “no” was in fact a bad word. Though I forgave my father a while ago, I still didn’t realize until this series just how much I was still being affected in my daily life by those experiences. The word God gave Ms. Nicola for that series, helped me to see that “no” is not always a bad thing. I need to learn how to separate myself from the situation, because many times it may have absolutely nothing to do with me. This series freed me of that lie that I carried around for so long. Now I can begin to fully walk out God’s will for my life, without the fear of being told no.

– Shandryka Sheppard

My favorite Power start your morning call was yesterday 9/13/2017 The scripture was Psalm 118 and it spoke about God’s mercy..I didn’t realize it but I was operating in fear,doubt and unbelief.. I had gotten to a place in my life where I was backsliding so I got on the Conference call thinking I would be enlightened by the business aspects of Financial Education Services and instead I was whipped into shape spiritually by reconnecting with God’s anointed word..
I read the Psalm over and over again..Verse 8 reads it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man… I’m speaking life over my mind over my tongue over my thoughts and over my finances..The businesses I desire to have will not flourish if God is not the head…I realized that I have to redefine my success..

I am worth more than my current salary and position… I’m chasing my dreams and achieving my goals and when God realigns my life with a business mentor that devotes her business back to the Lord you can’t go wrong.. Thank you for remaining a steadfast vessel in the army of the Lord… My spirit has been renewed and I’m ready to build a solid business… Words cannot thank you enough…

– Marcia Sandimanie


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