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Hey it’s Nicola and I want to welcome you to Pink Millionaire, a premier network for women who are seeking ways to achieve wealth, create legacies and live the lifestyle of their dream!

Our mission is to ensure that we are Positioning You for Impact Now With Applied Knowledge!  This means giving you the exact blueprint, which includes: systems, resources, mentorship and support you need to create your first million and beyond!

Welcome to the Pink Millionaire Club!

The Pink Millionaire Club is an Exclusive Member’s Only Club that’s going to give you Proven Secret Strategies & Resources to Support your MILLION DOLLAR & Beyond VISION!

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Exclusive Member Benefits Include:

  • Mentorship from a proven MILLIONAIRE
  • Support, Accountability & Resources for the 8-Part Wealth System
  • Member’s Only Portal
  • Access to Private Online Community
  • Vision Training
  • Million Dollar Goal Setting Plan
  • Access to the Pink Millionaire Vault
  • Spiritual Equipping & Training
  • Interviews with Wealth Masters
  • Money Management Tools
  • Proven Opportunities & Strategies
  • Marketing and Sales Tips
  • Exclusive Monthly Wealth Training
  • Monthly Personal Development Group Coaching
  • Leadership. Training & Strategies
  • Book Club
  • Marketing & Sales Tips
  • Facebook Lives w/Nicola
  • Motivational Audio Trainings
  • Priority Access & Notifications to Pink Millionaire Events
  • Video Trainings

For just $297/yr. (just 87 cents a day), you’ll get Instant Access to The Pink Millionaire Club, Facebook Private Group and as a Bonus, you’ll also get Immediate Access to the Pink Millionaire Vault!

Easy Flex Pay only $127 for 3 Months!

You’ll get Instant Access to The Pink Millionaire Club and our
Facebook Private Group.

Now, if I offered to give you $3997 worth of training that could put you on the fast track to Creating YOUR FIRST MILLION, would you give me 87 cents a day to access it? Of course, you would.  Every rational person I’ve ever asked this question says YES without hesitation.

So why would I do this?  Simple.

My mission, as I’ve said again and again, is to help EVERYONE from those flat broke to the 6-figure and above earner and for those who are willing to go through the process.

So, I’ve made the PINK MILLIONAIRE CLUB accessible to ALL who are ready to take ACTION and CREATE their FIRST MILLION!

I look forward to Mentoring & Coaching You to Your First Million!


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