The Pink Millionaire Club® is an annual membership program that is based on the 8-Part Wealth System, which was developed and created by Wealth, Lifestyle and Leadership Coach, Nicola Smith Jackson.

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Payment Selections

$297 Annual Membership Plan

This membership plan will be billed recurrently each year based on the member’s join date. In addition to having access to the  8-Part Wealth System, Worksheets,Weekly Training,  Resources and the Pink Millionaire Club® Facebook Group, all annual members will also have access to the Pink Millionaire Vault, which shall include the 8-Part-Wealth-SystemTM, as well as other bonus trainings, materials and videos  that will be announced to this particular membership plan.

3 Easy Pay Plan

This membership plan will be initially billed $127 then two additional months of $127 recurrently.  This plan has access to the 8-Part Wealth System, Worksheets, Weekly Training, Resources and the Pink Millionaire Club® Facebook Group only.

Pink Millionaire Club® Upgrade to Annual Membership

This is an upgrade plan to the Annual Membership from the 3 Easy Pay Plan. A  3 Easy Pay Plan member may upgrade to Annual Membership if they are within 7 working days of initially signing up and have made only one (1) payment of the three $127 payments.  Upon making a $227 upgrade payment to the Annual Membership, the member’s 3 Easy Pay Plan will be cancelled and no further payments will be billed on this plan.  The member will then gain all access, which includes: 8-Part Wealth System®, Worksheets,Weekly Training,  Resources and the Pink Millionaire Club® Facebook Group and the Pink Millionaire Vault.


All membership plans are on an annual basis only.  At the time of joining the member should understand that they are paying for an annual subscription and they will automatically have access to training, resources and materials that can be downloaded immediately.  Therefore, no refunds are given because of automatic access and the ability to download at the time of joining.

3 Easy Pay Plan Members

As a 3 Easy Pay Plan Member you further understand that upon selecting the 3 Easy Pay Plan of $127 you are still committing to a 12-month membership commitment and that the initial payment of $127 plus the additional two recurrent payments of $127 is still due in full.  There is no refund of partial payments or the full sum of the three payments. You will automatically have full access to your member benefits at the time of joining.

Member Service

If any member has questions regarding their membership, a Member Support Request Form should be completed.  Upon receipt, a Pink Millionaire® Member Specialist will connect with the  member within 24 hours via email or phone.

PLEASE NOTE:  If a Pink Millionaire® Member Specialist reaches out to the member via phone or email and no response is received from the member, it may take more than 24 hours for the member to be serviced.

Membership Participation

As a Pink Millionaire Club® member, you also understand that participation in the membership is required for a full experience.  This includes, visiting and participating in the Pink Millionaire Club® Facebook Group daily, completing modules in the 8-Part Wealth System®, completing the module worksheets, viewing the live trainings in the private Pink Millionaire Club® Facebook Group, giving feedback and comments from questions posted, sharing ah-ha moments and successes.

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