Do Home Meetings Still Work?

As a top earner in my company, I constantly get a lot of questions about how I achieved my success.  One question in particular is “Do Home Meetings Still Work?” .  Well my answer is a resounding YES!  I call them “Private Business Receptions” or PBR for short.   While home meetings are not the only way I share my business opportunity, I’ve been giving meetings in my home for quite some time and they are always packed out.  As a matter of fact, some of my top performing agents came from my home meetings and it can happen this way for you too!

Even if you’re going to your area weekly meetings and I think that’s important as well, you should be looking at more ways to expose your business and home meetings are perfect for that!  Remember, the network marketing industry for the most part is home-based!

Listen, Network Marketing is a relationship industry, it’s a lifestyle and you must be willing to “Keep It Real” when sharing your business opportunity with others.  While having meetings in hotels is necessary in many cases there’s nothing wrong with you hosting an event at your home and allowing your agents to invite guest as well.  Remember, your team is going to follow you lead.

Below are reasons you should consider doing a home meeting and should you do so, come back and comment on your experience with it!

5 Reasons to Do Home Meetings!

  1. Home Meetings Help to Make Your Opportunity Real!   There’s nothing like an up close and personal introduction where people get a chance to ask you questions in an intimate home setting.  This type of live event can also act as a bridge between yourself and marketing online.  From email invitations to private invites via your social media accounts, you can peak your prospect’s interest level even higher when they meet you in person!
  2. Serves As a Guide for Your Team!  Have you ever been to a large hotel meeting and said to yourself, “I won’t be able to afford hosting a big meeting like this.”  While that might not be true as you grow your business.  It can be quite intimidating for the team member who’s just getting started.  So, it’s a great way to lessen the anxiety of being a business owner and it makes it more casual.  Your team members can experience how you conduct your meetings and also feel more comfortable with doing one of their own.   You can also help them by offering to facilitate their first meeting.
  3. Allows You to Fellowship After the Meeting!  One of my  most favorite parts of my home meeting is right after the overview presentation.  I normally have something good to eat, nice music  and it gives myself and team members the opportunity to really connect with our guest on a personal level and make them feel apart of our team.  This often goes a long way in bringing new people on board.
  4. It’s Easy to Fit Into Your Budget!  Let’s face it, sometimes it can get expensive hosting events outside of the home.  Your home is perfect for small groups and the cost is minimal.  Remember, the shorter your budget, the shorter your meeting should be.  Chips and salsa will do .  You can get to the point and have light refreshments after.
  5. Serves as Support for You!  You’re comfortable in your own home, so it helps you to have more confidence when speaking.

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