Your Goals Don’t Care How You Feel!

Have you ever had a day where you just didn’t feel like working on your goals? I know I have, but I kept pushing through and staying the course.  You see I realized something a long time ago about making things happen – Your Goals Don’t Care How You Feel!  Each day, I keep my mind on the end results and I refuse to give in to any part of my mindset that works against what I want to achieve.

When you create a new goal, it’s your responsibility to nurture it, schedule and implement tasks and see it through to the end.  Each goal you accomplish will get you closer to achieving your success and making more money.  So, you must make a commitment to yourself!

Here are 5 quick tips on setting your network marketing goals:

  1. Embrace a successful mindset.  Create affirmations to encourage yourself, start your day with prayer and meditation, see yourself having accomplished each of your goals already!  Don’t allow negative self-talk to creep in!
  2. Gain clarity.  How many  new team members do you want to add monthly? How many people do you need to contact daily to make that happen? What’s your product or service sales goals for the month?
  3. Be specific when writing your goals down.  You can’t take action and implement your goals without a clear plan of action.  Be specific, clear and concise about your goal.  For example: Wrong way: “Recruit new representatives”.    Right way: “Recruit 3 new representatives by February 1st”.  As you can see in the 2nd example, it’s important to state exactly what you want to accomplish and set a deadline.
  4. Be Accountable.  Make sure you schedule your goals in your planner along with each tasks to be accomplished.  Also, provide a copy of your goals to your sponsor or upline.  Knowing that you’ve shared your goals will help you to hold yourself accountable.
  5. Be careful of who you share your goals with!  Not everyone you share your goals with is going to be excited and encouraging.  I can’t tell you of the countless naysayer stories I’ve heard.  Make sure you surround yourself with team members and friends that encourage you to be all you can be!

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