Faith Activates Overflow

It’s not enough to just BELIEVE you have to put in the WORK and Give it 100%, because

“Faith without Work Is Dead”, James 2:17-18  – Nicola Smith Jackson

Can you believe it, our Country is in Quarantine due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.  Feelings of frustration, anxiety and fear are getting the best of many and yet, there is also a movement of unity, togetherness and calmness with those of us who believe and have faith that God will protect and shield us.

During times of challenges like this it’s important to remind yourself of the spirit that lives within you and comforts you.

Below are  3 Ways to Activate Your Faith

1) Morning Prayer.  There’s something about getting in your quiet and special place where it’s just you and God and the stillness and peace of the morning seems to have a direct connection to Him.  Share what’s on your mind and in your heart, ask for patience, peace and calmness, pray for the wellness and health of your family and for healing of those stricken with this virus.

2) Create A Regular Routine.  Don’t allow yourself to be too relaxed or stay in front of the television watching the news.  It can cause you anxiety and really impact your mental health. Instead, make good use of this quarantine time to do things that you’ve been putting off.  Reorganize your home office, write that ebook you’ve been thinking about, and/or host virtual family gatherings via the Internet. If you have kids, remember to keep them on a schedule as well.  Set special times for schoolwork, games, family time and yes, quiet time as well.

3) Be A Living Testimony.  In spite of all that’s going on, make a decision to be a living testimony and shine bright.  Do daily check up calls on family and elderly friends. Give them encouraging words. If you post on social media, post words of encouragement.  Share a testimony of how God is giving you peace through this storm.  

When you have faith and move with conviction that God is in control, you’ll have an inner peace that surpasses understanding and you’ll act, react and think differently.  

Let’s Keep the Faith, Nicola

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