Nicola is one of the most powerful leaders I’ve ever met. Smart, hard-working, heart centered and you’d be hard pressed to locate anyone with her level of talent.  She’s the total package when it comes to being a leader in our profession. – RAY HIGDON

I have known Nicola Jackson for almost a decade and I believe that she is a woman of deep wisdom and high character.

Nicola’s business skills are unsurpassed in the market place! She is a dynamic leader and powerful business leader. If you have a chance to do business with Nicola or if you have a chance to be mentored by her, “Carpe Diem” (seize the day). It is bound to be a turning point and a highlight in your life and business!


Nicola is a dynamic leader in our industry. She is a straight shooter, and when she speaks it is all heart, packed with applicable wisdom. Her desire to help others succeed always supersedes her own. Nicola is an influential woman of God who does not compromise her priorities by being a wife, mom, and grandmom before business. She is a shining example in this profession of having success with balance.


Nicola Jackson is a powerhouse who has a passion for helping others succeed! Having watched her from afar over the last 9 years, I was beyond impressed to see her in action.

She consistently focus on the fundamentals of SYSTEM trainings that can allow anyone with a burning desire to win to experience success under her impeccable leadership!

The first sign of a true leader is one that can start all over and do it again from scratch—but will also help others achieve their goals as well. Her trainings are great for anyone and not only it helped me in my business, but her principles have helped me in the game of life!


I started and failed at nine different network marketing companies. I had some success in 2009 in one company. However, I was not a leader. I maxed out all my credit cards. I had 3 tax liens and horrible credit. Life was tough. It wasn’t until l was mentored by Nicola Smith Jackson that my life started to change. After working with her my entire business changed. I emerged into a leader and with her mentorship.
I learned the correct way to build and mentor a large organization.

Eventually I could pay off all my debt (which was in the hundreds of thousands). My credit score is now 820. Nicola Smith Jackson changed my life so I know the impact a mentor can have on your life. So if you’re struggling, if you feel hopeless in your network marketing business or if you just want some extra guidance in your business contact Nicola Smith Jackson!


Hi, my name is Toi Jones and without Nicola I don’t know where I would be. I was in corporate America for 8 years and they let me go and I didn’t know what I was going to do. Living paycheck to paycheck, no money saved and bad credit, I had to do something different. So, Nicola introduced me to network marketing and because l had never did anything like this before, I asked her could I really do this. She said ABSOLUTELY!!
After a year and a half through Nicola’s mentoring and coaching, I was able to reach 6 figures! I’ve never made this type of money in my life. Nicola I’m so grateful for you believing in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. Even outside of business she’s the epitome of a well-rounded leader.

I’ve always looked up to her even when she was a hair stylist, yes I was Nicola’s weekly client before she was introduced to network marketing LOL!

She teaches me life skills that will carry me for a lifetime. Nicola this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what else God has for you. I can’t leave this out, Nicola is definitely the Oprah of Network Marketing LOL!


Nicola has set high expectation as true mentorship is about setting the example.
I truly appreciate Nicola and the personal guidance received.
Nicola has taught me the personal business side of leadership. Nicola gets to know her agents as people, not just a paycheck! Nicola knows my future goals and what is important to myself and my family. Nicola spends personal time with all of her agents, and has developed Leaders Building Leaders. Much Love.

– Shmiko Cole

I am proud to to work with such a great leader! Nicola Smith-Jackson is a visionary and continues to make phenomenal moves! Some people watch things happen, others makes things happen! Great job!!! Live Wealthy.

– Thomas Dean-CPA

Can’t say enough about my mentor and friend Nicola Smith Jackson. Nicola is truly The Ultimate Leader and touches the hearts of those connected to her.

– Patricia Weaver

Nicola Jackson’s leadership is phenomenal!

– Kevin Wilson

I am simply wowed by the impact that Nicola Smith Jackson has made in my life! She has served as an example for me of what a Godly woman truly is. Our relationship started out with me being her business coach and as she soared through the ranks of entrepreneurism, she reached back and shared with me and is now coaching me! She is never to busy to speak with me and encourage me to become a better leader and she goes the extra mile by emailing me tools and resources that I can immediately use. She is always wanting me to do better and be better and she takes the action to show me that she is for real. It’s refreshing and inspiring to have such a powerful woman in my life.

– Trina Newby

Nicola Smith-Jackson is such an inspiration to me. She is a phenomenal leader with such integrity and character. I have known Nicola for six years and she is my daughter in Christ, she has a spirit of Love, Caring, Empathy, Compassion and Discipleship…

– Jean Kimpson

Nicola Jackson is a gift from God. She has continually tried to pour into me inspite of myself. She unconditionally gives of herself to help others become success and financially free…

– Chery Ray-Collier

Nicola Jackson you are a amazing women. I thank God for the many roles you have played in my life. A great Mentor, spiritual mother, friend and the best cousin. You inspire me so much and I love you dearly.

– Jean Kimpson

When we speak of iron sharpening iron, Nicola Smith-Jackson is the epitome of that. In February, my business grew tremendously through her personal phone calls, compassion and dedication to see me and my team grow.

– Pastor Yashca Blue

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