Faith Activates Overflow

It’s not enough to just BELIEVE you have to put in the WORK and Give it 100%, because “Faith without Work Is Dead”, James 2:17-18  – Nicola Smith Jackson Can you believe it, our [...]

Honored To Be Knighted

Something quite extraordinary happened this February 2020…I was Knighted for my humanitarian work and efforts.  I took a vow that I will work to help and further humanity for the rest of my [...]

Maintaining Good Credit!

Coronavirus Creditor Update If you have any bills that are actively reporting to your credit and if you live in an area affected by the corona virus you can call your creditors and let them know. [...]

A New Promotion!

I’m honored for The promotion to Pinnacle Senior Vice President. A title that was announced just this February at my company convention and the highest in the history of my company. Our Team [...]

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