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82% of women who are earning 6 figures and above are in the Direct Selling or Network Marketing industry. This industry will produce 6-figure income earners if you stick to your system and work your system.

– Nicola Jackson, Your Power Mentor

As an award-winning wealth strategist, motivational speaker, author and co-owner of a multi-million dollar company, I’ve coached thousands of women and men on how to produce unprecedented success, wealth and prosperity.

I also host a popular radio show, “Power Start Your Day”, which provides daily motivation, resources and information to help individuals Build a Big Network Marketing Business! Click here to listen!

If I can do it, you can do it.
I’m here to train you on how to create that
same balance in your own life.

Having been a wealth strategist for over two decades, I’ve developed a proven technique that has eliminated debt for thousands of Americans, restoring their credit profiles and granting them access to profound financial success.

My winning POWER Formula is a transformative success-building tool that will assist you in achieving your goals spiritually, mentally and professionally.

With my proven POWER Formula, you will redefine what is possible in the realm of financial success and abundance and be on your way to creating a life of abundance.


Tune Into Your Natural Leadership And Grow Your Business.

As CEO and founder of Success Strategic Partners, LLC – a global financial consulting agency – I’ve spent the past 20 years growing a multimillion dollar MLM sales force with over 300,000 associates in more than 30 countries. As Senior Vice President of Financial Education Services (FES), I also manage over 6,500 agents nationwide in a company dedicated to financial literacy and credit education.

Download my free audio training series today. Find out how you, too, can access your personal power, and take charge of your greatness.

Over the years I’ve learned to balance an incredibly full life. Wife. Mother of 4. CEO of a successful company.

And I manage to remain healthy and grounded with an unwavering faith in God.

I know this is possible for you to achieve as well. Let me show you how.

In love and light,

Nicola Smith Jackson


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