8 Ways to Uplevel Your Professional Skills

“Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens, Action Wins!”

If you plan on building a big network marketing team, up-leveling your professional skills is not a choice, it is mandatory. It’s important to not only gain the knowledge, but you must take the action to implement what you’ve learned as well!

For more than 10 years now, network marketers have asked me how I am able to build big teams and break company records in sales. My answer each time is that I up-leveled my professional skills and it helped to take my teams to the top!

Professional network marketing skills, just like a business plan plays a part in building your team and establishing your success for the long-run. Regardless of the network marketing company you are with there are various advantages that come with having sound organizational, prospecting and recruiting, leadership, on and offline marketing and networking skills in place. Such skills help in unifying your team members and fosters the practice of duplication from the bottom to the top.

Below are 7 Ways to Uplevel Your Professional Skills

1). Adjust your mindset for success. Never feel that you have arrived no matter how successful you are. Keep an open mind, stay in the positive, remove yourself from negative people, places and things and most of all embrace the power of learning. Always be open to improving and and expanding your knowledge and mindset.

2). Schedule daily time for personal development. It’s not unusual successful network marketers to spend one to two hours daily for their personal development alone. You must always keep yourself in a learning mode. Schedule a minimum of one hour daily in your calendar for learning something new that can help you get to the next level.

3). Evaluate the skills you need to take your team to the top. While you might have some leadership skills already in place, it’s important to identify other skills that are still needed to take your team to the top. These skills might include: organization, presentation, training, conflict resolution, coaching and mentoring skills.

4). Attend trainings in the network marketing industry. While your company will provide you with information to market their products, it’s important to know that you can learn even more through workshops, online trainings and events given by network marketing experts.

5) Seek out the wisdom of mentors that are already at where you want to be. You can never get so high at the top that you don’t need to keep learning. This is the one rules that I live by in network marketing. It’s very important to seek out those that can show you the way and guide you on a success path that will last you for a lifetime.

6) Teach what you know. There’s no time like now to start sharing your wisdom and teaching success techniques that you have already learned. Share from your experiences and always be willing to be transparent. Doing this will keep you authentic and gain the respect of your team members and others.

7) Keep a journal of your network marketing journey. Writing your thoughts down and taking note of successful techniques and principles will help you to master your critical thinking and master your communications skills. It can also serve as a resource when preparing our training and presentations.

8) Find a mentors. Develop a relationship with individuals that can give you critical feedback and share ways to improve and fine-tune. The most important thing to remember is that you should be mentored by someone who is already at where you want to be.

Developing your professional skills should be an on-going and welcomed principal that you never let go of. When you keep yourself in a learning mode, you’ll stay grounded and set yourself up to climb higher and higher on the ladder of success, so Take Action Now!

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