700th Episode of Power Start Your Day!

I am truly honored and excited to share that thousands of listeners from around the nation shared in celebrating the 700th Episode of the Power Start Your Day Radio Show!

When I first thought about doing a live radio show, it really overwhelmed me. It was mainly because I was already so busy with speaking engagements, supporting my team and of course, still fulfilling being a mom to Caden who has just entered junior high school by the way.

So, I thought to myself , “how is it that I was going to add more to my plate?” But, God knew more than I did and not only did He want me to start a show to inspire people spiritually and financially, but also do it daily. Well, I answered the call and the rest is history, because the show board is packed out daily and I have received so many testimonials of people sharing how it has changed their lives.

You know even though I am the host of the show, it has changed my life as well. I have learned to follow my spirit and let God be the captain of my success ship. As matter of fact, many of the life lessons and scriptures shared on the show are purely spirit-driven and the people that are listening were not participating by accident, but many share that they had prayed for a resource that could help them improve their lives spiritually and financially.

I want to send a big hug, shout-out, and my deepest gratitude to all of those that continue to wake up and be ready to listen to the show every morning!

If you haven’t plugged into the show yet, check it out and experience how it will help you to “Power Start Your Day”!

You can listen live to the Power Start Your Day Show Mondays through Fridays at 8:00 AM Eastern in two ways:

  1. Dial-in: 602-753-1848
  2. Listen live from your desktop or smart device https://www.blogtalkradio/successwithnicola

Want to listen to previous broadcast?

  1. Iphone/Ipad | Search “Power Start Your Day” in your Podcast App
  2. Android/Notepads| Download the app, “Stitcher” and search “Power Start Your Day”
  3. Click here to listen to previous broadcast straight from this website.

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