5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity In Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered how top leaders in network marketing get big results?  Do you start each week with excitement about all of your goals written down and the tasks you have to do – only to get to Friday and nothing has been implemented? If you answered yes, you’re not by yourself! Productivity is a desired skill that every network marketer needs to increase their rate of results!

When you get clear on how to increase your IPA (Income Producing Activity), which is inviting, exposing, getting responses from your prospects, and staying in communication with your team on a consistent basis – you’re going to make BIG CASH!

This is one of the things I’ve learned over the 10 years of doing network marketing.   Consistency, focus and being efficient with your tasks will increase your productivity. So, a key part of being more productive is to start with a strategy. Below see 5 ways for you to increase your results in network marketing:

    1. Know your priorities. While you’ll have many tasks that need to be completed. In network marketing, your key priorities must always be generating, following up and converting leads. Without these 3 important tasks, you can’t build your team. So, make sure they are scheduled first in your calendar. Next, make sure you are staying connected with your team. This can be through e-newsletters, text, audio messages, and group chats using such tools as Facebook Live, Facebook Groups, Aweber, Eztexting, or  Mail Chimp to name a few.
    2. Be prepared to share your opportunity at all times. There’s nothing like being in the right situation to share your opportunity and you don’t have any of your marketing materials to share. So, create a mobile kit for yourself and include in it 3×5 index cards (just in case the person doesn’t have business cards), your business cards, opportunity postcard or brochure.  Of course, my favorite is the 21st Century way using your Smart Phone.  Make it smart by offering to text them your information.  For example, you could say:  “Hey I would love to send you some information to review before we connect again” or you could say, “Hey, if I were to send you some information, when would you be able to watch it?”  (Guess what?  You’ve just set an appointment).  Do 3 to 5 of these per day and FINANCIAL FREEDOM IS COMING YOUR WAY! Doing it this way allows you to collect your prospect’s contact information right away.   By the way, make sure you have your opportunity video link ready to text in your mobile phone.  So, in your note app, make sure you store easy and accessible links on information you would like to share.
    3. Practice to get paid and know your scripts.  Remember, scripts don’t always have to be used verbatim, but they serve as a framework to lead your prospect to give you information for follow up.  Being prepared will make you feel more confident and competent, which ultimately makes you feel more comfortable prospecting on a regular basis.
    4. Create a Cash Calendar. “Money Cometh to Me Now!”  You’ve got to plan in order to make BIG CASH in your business!  The Cash Calendar will help you organize your business tasks, as well as family activities. Not planning with your family in mind can be a big “party crasher”.  If you don’t keep your business and personal activities balanced, your mind won’t be clear enough to execute and be productive.  Give your family time!  It’s always better to be proactive than reactive.  After all, isn’t this what you’re doing it for?  In your Cash Calendar, simply place the most important tasks that are going to help you generate leads and earn more income. For example, if your goal is to share your opportunity with 3 people each day. You should be able to look down at your calendar and see the names and phone number of 3 people in each calendar block or it could say, “Share opportunity w/3 people”. Note: it helps to still write down their contact information.
    5. Delegate! Let’s face it, we’re not all good at everything.  Most network marketers work a full-time job and some even run other businesses or they’re busy with after school activities for their kids – sound familiar? Whatever the challenge, it’s important to know that  this industry is all about being in business for yourself, but not  by yourself. Identify your recurring tasks and then write out the steps to doing each. Next, find a virtual assistant or a high school or college student that’s computer savvy and hire them to implement your most common tasks. This will free up your time to focus on your IPA ( Income Producing Activities)!

Getting things done in an effective and timely manner will give you even more clarity and help you to stay focused on your business priorities.

Hey if you need help in getting this all together and still not sure about where to start.  Click here  and apply for mentorship today.

Feel free to share this with your team or on social media platforms.  Also, be sure to leave a comment if this helps you!

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