5 Ways to Use Social Media In Network Marketing

Network Marketing has taken on a whole new way of prospecting and recruiting through the world of social media. While the importance of offline marketing can never be overlooked, marketing on the Internet has revolutionized and 10x’d results for many in the network marketing industry.

Just think, Facebook alone has more than 2 billion members around the world and many are looking for a way to increase their income. It’s not surprising why so many Millennials are “killing it” in the industry, because they grew up using social media and understand the power of it. However, regardless of what generation you’re in this new technique cannot be ignored and you must embrace it if you want to increase your reach more effectively.

Below are 5 Ways to Use Social Media In Your Network Marketing Business:

1) Get in the know. Gaining knowledge about the proper way to prospect and recruit is the first step you must take. There are many experts in the field that have written books to give you a sound understanding. Also, look at members of your upline and your downline to see who is effectively sponsoring people in the business via social media. Check out the social media policy with your company as well to ensure that you understand how to be compliant.

2) Share Your Lifestyle, Not the Opportunity. No one wants to see constant posts that say “Join my Company” or “Sign Up As A Distributor”. That simply won’t do. No, People are inspired by your story, your experience and your success. So posts about how your product has changed your life, testimonials from your customers/clients, pictures of yourself enjoying family time or time with your team, celebrations of new promotions and awards, educational post to keep people in the know about your industry etc.

3) Direct Message Individuals that Fit Your Target Profile. While posting relevant content is good, it’s better to Direct Message (DM) individuals that might be interested in your products and/or opportunity. The basics of marketing never changes online or offline. Knowing your target market and what their pain points or needs are will help you to better identify individuals that you can connect with. Note: It’s important to create an effective message template before starting. Also, make sure that you message no more than 5 to 10 people per day. More than that can get you blocked by your social media provider.

4) Use Testimonials. Ask your customers or team members to give you a live video testimonial and tag your personal page. This can go a long way in viewers seeing first-hand how you might be able to help them change their lives as well.

5) Be Consistent with Posting. It’s not advisable to be on every social media platform you can find. First of all, if you don’t have someone that is actually doing the admin, it can become quite overwhelming.
Most experts recommend that you first participate in no more than two social networks and be consistent by posting two to three times daily. It’s important to note that you should create a social media schedule and have your content and strategy planned out ahead. Over time, you’ll learn what posts get good engagement and which ones don’t.

Please keep in mind that Social Media marketing should not be the only type of marketing you are doing. You should balance it with offline prospecting and recruiting as well.

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