3 Ways Networking Can Benefit You

Business networking is a communication system between two or more people for the purpose of establishing a professional relationship. As the relationship builds, it can lead to sales, referrals, leads, collaborations and more!

However, it’s important to understand that you must never attend a networking event for the sole purpose of trying to recruit someone to join your business. Instead, go with the spirit of educating others about what you do and how it can benefit them. The real networking of course is in the follow up and getting to know your newly established connection.

If you’re ready to get out there and start being a serious connector, consider going to a networking event twice weekly. General networking events are the best option and don’t forget that community events and other group activities can be considered networking as well!

Here’s 3 Ways Networking Can Benefit You!

1) It helps you to establish your credibility. Introducing yourself to others as someone that provides a credit restoration service and offering a “free credit consultation” will automatically spark an interest. Remember, over 49 million people have a low credit score, so you are going to connect with those that need your service.

2) It helps you to fine tune and discover the best ways to capture other people’s attention. The only way you are going to be able to capture the attention of others and have them interested in what you do is to practice, practice, practice.

Start developing multiple 30-second benefit statements about what you do and try them out (one at a time of course) at networking events. You can then start filtering out the ones that don’t seem to get people to ask you questions or it loses their attention. You’ll soon become a master at using keywords and phrases to attract people to you.

3) It helps you to get over the fear of talking with people you don’t know. It’s so easy to grab a chair and not speak to anyone at a networking event. But you won’t leave with many connections. So, it’s important that you practice this golden rule when attending networking events. Never go and just sit down, but take the leadership role and start introducing yourself.

Let the other person share what they do first and then exchange your information. Practicing this rule will help you to get over the fear of speaking to others and if you don’t have fear – you’ll get better at connecting!

I hope this helps you in understanding just how important networking is. By the way, any fees you pay for networking events are 100% tax deductible! So, get out there and start connecting!


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